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"I translate for the infinite light of Spirit.
The message is always... LOVE!"

Alexandra Dennis is an Author and Angel Therapist, from Melbourne, Australia.
As a generational psychic, Alexandra was guided in the mystical arts from childhood. 

Alexandra's Mother & Grandmother shared knowledge acquired through ancestral lineage,
passing on the magical ways, workings and beliefs of ancient European Traditions.

Introducing Alexandra's Book:  

 The power that drives the software of humanity.

Available in soft / hard cover print & ebook.
Published globally through Balboa Press.
 A Division of Hay House.

A naturally gifted lightworker and psychic medium -
Alexandra is a crystal clear channel for higher energy.

Working with the Angelic Realms to facilitate powerful, transformative healing.

In recent years, Alexandra sought to expand her understanding and develop her craft.
Grateful to work with present-day globally bestselling Authors and Spiritual Teachers.

Alexandra Dennis is a Certified Angel Practitioner (ACP) and Certified Spiritual Teacher.
Alexandra trained extensively in Spiritual Teaching, in Los Angeles USA with Charles Virtue.
Alexandra is also a Certified Angel Intuitive® - trained by Dr. Doreen Virtue Ph.D. 

Attracted to writing and passionate about all types of language from an early age,
 Alexandra's communicative gifts allow her to reach deeply into the heart of the matter.
In translating for Love's Infinite Source, ahe is an Ambassador for Light on the Earth.
Alexandra channels with Automatic Writing, as through many aspects of her Lightwork.
In her book "Cosmic Spirit" - Alexandra introduces a concept whereby we're all connected in an
invisible Network - constructed of Light. Likened to our Spiritual Internet and powered by Love.
We can all learn how to re-connect, by holding the intention of opening up our Heart Centre.

Allowing ourselves to merge with Higher Energy, this can work miraculously through us.
Dissolving barriers, fear, pain,  - the past is cleared and the future is already waiting for us!

Healing of the old, outdated programming and experiences to clear the path in all directions.
Identifying blocks in our auric field  and releasing all heaviness into Light for transmutation.

Reaching through Time, beyond distance, through all dimensional points of the Universe.
Through Angel Readings, Healing Sessions, Books, Articles, Workshops , Classes and Events.

Alexandra shares Loving Light as inspirational guidance and encouragement.
For manifesting Dreams, as drawing from the Ether, towards their matching Frequency.

Alexandra is presently working on an upcoming new book.
She offers a powerful yet gentle healing light through insightful Readings.
In sharing her uniquely personal blend of Angelic Magic!


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Angel Magic 101
With Alexandra

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Scan through the psyche.

Release that which no longer serves you.
Embrace the absolute perfection of now.
Moving forward into a positive future.

"I now create my own version of authentic bliss!"
- Alexandra Dennis

"I enjoy assisting people to become the
happiest, truest version of themselves.

Lightwork is both giving and receiving
As all is balanced in life's natural flow.

In the processes of facilitating healing,
Remember to cherish yourself equally."

© Alexandra Dennis

Angel Intuitive / Angel Therapist
 Modern Priestess Lightworker

Cosmic Alexandra's

Angel Magic 101

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I am a Powerful Lightworker.

My Source is unlimited!
Blocks and barriers now dissolve.
Love's Power is greater than all!  
In Steadfast Faith
Miracles happen!

May I assist you?
In a beautiful remembering:
We are all of the One Love.
This is our Highest Truth.

© Alexandra Dennis


"You've already dreamed it! 
Trust and prepare to welcome it! 
Magic happens!" - Alexandra


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